What is ROBLOX ?????

ROBLOX is a great game that has attracted millions of players. This game has no story or anything like this is a minecraft game, i.e. there are many servers (there is no offline mode) and each of them is doing something different on one, you need to look for something on the map, on the other you need to dig and others drive cars. Servers are created only by players. It is a free to play game but contains micropayments so-called in the game Robuxy for Robuxy you can buy, for example, money on the server for which we can improve our game or accelerate its development. There are servers more popular and less popular. The most popular servers are Jailbreak in which you have to escape from prison then rob banks and shops to buy cars, the second server is Lumber Tycoon in which we play the role of a woodcutter.

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ROBLOX is a game played mainly by younger people around the age of 9 but older people hit. There is no voice communication in ROBLOX, but you can use private messengers, e.g. Discord Skype or teamspeak. Unfortunately, as in most games, there are so-called cheaters. ROBLOX is an underdeveloped game, an example is how we approach the wrong place, for example a wall, or although we enter a very small stone, it can shoot us into space. If we want to create our own server, together with downloading ROBLOX we also download "Roblox Studio" in which we can create a new own map or use the ready one and modify it. What is it about modifying the map? on the map you can make a hill canyon or put a tree.


Roblox Studio is very easy to use as seen in the photo above. We have many options to choose from, e.g. cars created by Roblox himself or by his community. Personally, I met this game through a cousin when he was with me. We really spent a lot of time with this game and we are happy with it :) We hope that more games of this type will come out especially that you can play virtually anywhere because there is a version for both computer and phone. Personally, I say that this game is worth recommending only unfortunately on many servers is pay2win what does it mean? That a player who spends money on a game has a better chance of winning than a great player who spends nothing on micropayments. If I had to rate this game on a scale of 1 to 10, that's 7/10

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